A Call for Caretakers & New Neighborhoods: Plug Your Property into the Cabin Network

Cacaw! We’re looking for caretakers and new neighborhoods to plug into Cabin’s network. And it might be you.

We hear you loud and clear: there’s a lot of Cabin and Cabin-adjacent folks out there who want to plug your properties into our network, or to introduce us to people who do.

  • It might be a friend who inherited a mountaintop property in Italy.

  • Or your semi-retired parents who bought an old church camp, and don’t know what to do with all the extra land

  • Or your next door neighbour who’s been talking about their great-great-gramp’s castle in Scotland

Own something like this? We want to talk to you!
Own something like this? We want to talk to you!

Today, we’re laying out exactly what it takes to become a Cabin neighborhood. In this article you’ll learn ...

  • What caretakers are and how to know who would be a good fit for Cabin

  • What neighborhoods are and how to know what kinds of property we’re looking for

  • The best way to refer caretakers and neighborhoods to us (and get rewarded for it!)

By the end, you’ll be able to tell your friends about Cabin and shill them on the opportunity to add their property as a neighborhood in our network — even if they know nothing about web3 or DAOs.

Ready to recommend a property that should totally be in Cabin’s network? Fill out this form.

Want to learn more about becoming a neighborhood at Cabin? Download this article as a PDF and receive our newsletter to get more info.

But before we jump into the details of neighborhoods...

What is Cabin?

Cabin is a network city of coliving neighborhoods at the intersection of technology and nature. Our neighborhoods feature remote work-ready spaces with nature out the front door. We connect folks (caretakers) who own said properties in nature (neighborhoods), with thoughtful, intentional individuals (residents) who want to live there, or try coliving there.

Cabin isn’t just trying to build a network of properties. If we did, then we’d just be a decentralized version of Airbnb. We’re also not out to simply allow folks to share ownership of properties, because then we’d just be a timeshare.

As you begin thinking about the possible caretakers and properties in your network, think about how these people and places would be a good fit for coliving, not just for coworking or a getaway.

What are neighborhoods & caretakers?

Neighborhood Zero
Neighborhood Zero

Coliving is the north star for our neighborhoods. At Cabin, we are excited to welcome properties into our network that meet the following criteria, in order of importance:

  1. Sleeps 8 – 18 people

  2. Nature out the door and beyond

  3. At least 100 Mbps internet

  4. Within 60-90 minutes of a major airport and city

  5. Less local regulation (so we can build things more easily)

*If you or you know of someone who has a property that fulfills this criteria, then fill out this form. We’d love to meet! *

Of course, the property doesn’t have to fulfill all these criteria to a T.  It might score poorly in one aspect, but make up for it in other ways. We holistically evaluate properties to ensure it’s a great fit for our community members.

A great example is Montaia Basecamp — a hallmark of what an amazing Cabin neighborhood is. Last August, Montaia and its caretaker Kaela hosted a dozen of our community members who enjoyed reliable wifi for work. It’s less than an hour’s drive from the winter wonderland of Mammoth Mountain, the salty expanse of Mono Lake, and the soaring peaks of Yosemite National Park. It’s also 15 minutes away from an airport in Bishop.

The key to a great Cabin neighborhood and experience is the people. This is where the caretaker comes in.

Caretaker Jon, on the ground with our builder-in-chief Charlie
Caretaker Jon, on the ground with our builder-in-chief Charlie

Unlike Airbnb hosts, Cabin caretakers do more than just leave a key in a lockbox and schedule cleaning. They ...

  • Care for the property (you don’t say)

  • Steward the natural land

  • Maintain the property

  • Facilitate connection between residents

Caretakers are often the property owner, manager, or operator. Jon has a deep sense of place with the property at Neighborhood Zero. This called him to move back there during the pandemic and begin building. Soon enough, the shipping container cabin was built and Neighborhood Zero was born.

Caretakers facilitate interactions amongst the residents. They often have an intimate understanding and are excited to introduce the residents to the local community.  Kaela, Montaia’s caretaker, enjoys facilitating intentional connection sessions for the coliving residents. She took them to meet Montaia’s quirky neighbors, bathe in secret hot springs with locals, and dine in hole-in-the-wall restaurants around the area.

A "cinnamon roll" session that Kaela facilitated
A "cinnamon roll" session that Kaela facilitated

Together, Jon and Kaela co-led a 4-day backpacking trip out in the Eastern Sierras, offering their knowledge and passion for the outdoors to the residents at Montaia.

Cabin's caretakers colead a backpacking expedition
Cabin's caretakers colead a backpacking expedition

If you or you know of someone who has a property that fulfills this criteria, then fill out this form. We’d love to meet!

What’s in it for caretakers?

We ask a lot of our caretakers, so what’s in it for them? Here’s what our caretakers get out of being in the Cabin network, depending on their goals.

Lifestyle & co-stewardship

Some Build Week shenanigans
Some Build Week shenanigans

Cabin can help steward your property when you’re not there. We’ll even help build it out into the stunning, inviting, and communal location you envision it to be.

Since building Neighborhood Zero, Jon has hosted hundreds of Cabin community members from all over the world. Together, we’ve built tiny houses, a pergola, and a sauna. The residents participated in creative residencies, made art, and gawked at the stars. As for Jon, he can travel and know that his property is in good hands. (Even caretakers can become residents in our network, knowing that someone else is on the site who is stewarding the property!)

Get heads in beds

Happy people (and cow)
Happy people (and cow)

If a land or property owner is struggling to fill their beautiful property, we can help get them in front of  the right values-aligned people. Cabin has a global community who are looking for connection, community, and novel coliving experiences. We’ve consistently overbooked our experiences and our community continues to grow with people who can fill more properties.

Surround yourself with a value-aligned community

We like building
We like building

When caretakers join Cabin, they become part of a bigger story. They become part of Cabin’s expansion, of a community of like-minded and thoughtful individuals, and of other caretakers who are looking to foster connection and nature conservation in their properties. For example, Kaela enjoys introducing city dwellers to the wonders of the natural world and to the rewards of coliving. She calls Cabin “Montaia’s home” because of the alignment between her neighborhood and our broader network.

Become a caretaker (or refer one!)

We love each other (and you!)
We love each other (and you!)

The Cabin community (you!) loves recommending gorgeous locations for us to collab with and to build neighborhoods. We hope that this article helps light the path and sends more signals for the next handful of Cabin neighborhoods:

  • Beautiful multifamily properties in nature, at the intersection of wifi and wilderness

  • Caretakers who have big hearts for community, beyond a revolving door of tenants and housemates.

In return, Cabin offers a steady flow of engaged, values-aligned residents. We help you build your physical property into the development of your dreams. We offer you the chance to surround yourself with people who share the same desire for community and intention in their lives.

If you have a property that you think would be a good fit, or if you know of a caretaker who checks off the boxes, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch! As part of our community referral program, you’ll also earn 75 ₡ABIN token if/when your referral becomes a successful Cabin neighborhood!

Want to learn more about becoming a neighborhood at Cabin? Download this article as a PDF and receive our newsletter to get more info.

Jon brooding because we want more Cabin caretakers
Jon brooding because we want more Cabin caretakers
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