Your Squad Buys Property (w/ Help from Cabin)

Looking to buy a property with your squad with help from Cabin? Fill out this form. Curious about this whole co-buying thing? Read on.

Your squad likely already has a piece of valuable real estate in the digital world. Maybe it’s a group chat, maybe it’s a Discord, maybe it’s a whole virtual world.

Now’s the time for it to build some Squad Wealth in the physical world. It’s time for your squad to buy property.

Touch grass? Nah. Plant grass. Native grass, of course. Let’s not be wasteful.

Building squad wealth with property

So what’s it going to be?

A small farm upstate?

A permaculturalist’s dream in Colorado’s Western Slope?

Your Spanish villa?

We’re all Gonna Buy a Mansion (WAGBAM)?

Your squad has already done the hard part: Building a community. Now you want to take the next step and buy property together. A place with meaning. A place for your squad. Build your social, financial, and inner-spirit wealth as a community.

But here’s what most people who want to purchase property as a group don’t know:

Successful co-buying is all about good process

Here’s a talk from Phil on good process in co-buying and the lessons learned from buying Radish with a dozen friends.

Here’s a rough sketch of the co-buying process:

  1. Energize the squad. Articulate a vision. Plant a flag.
  2. Everyone puts some $ into a wallet for “Search Costs.” Make sure everyone’s serious about giving it a shot. Use the $ to go out and look at places together.
  3. Find that perfect property, the one in your vision.
  4. Escrow $ into a wallet to buy it. Create an LLC (optionally: with mirrored token ownership if you want to do it crypto-style)
  5. Now you own it! And the fun begins….

Sounds insane? Fear not…

Cabin is here to help your squad through the process

Cabin’s all about creating places for squads in the physical world. The team at Cabin has done this before. We know where it goes wrong, we know how it can go oh so very right.

Here’s what you get by working with Cabin:

  1. We’ll give you access to our crack team of advisors (see below) – people who have done things like this before and are eager to help you make your dream a reality
    1. Property evaluation: We will help you evaluate potential properties – zoning, financial models, pricing.
    2. Buying process: We will talk you through the mechanics of buying as a group – escrows, inspections, dealing with a broker.
    3. Legal: We will help you set up a legal entity e.g. (LLC) with mirrored on-chain ownership. We will help the squad negotiate legal agreements using our templates.
    4. Construction / renovation planning: We will help you evaluate the level of effort, cost, and DIY-ability of various future projects.
  2. We’ll network you with other squads doing the same thing for knowledge sharing
  3. We’ll pipe you into Cabin’s network of people eager to come live at your property, help you build things, or possibly co-invest. We have a rapid following of solarpunk-neighborhood-curious folks chomping at the bit.

Contrary to popular belief, we’re not saints at Cabin. So here’s what we get by helping you:

  1. You’ll become part of Cabin’s network of vibe-aligned neighborhoods. You’ll need to have a “public face” to what you are doing and put forward some sort of offering to the Cabin network (e.g. host a retreat, offer up the property when its not being used, pay-it-forward with help to the next squad)
  2. We’ll take a small equity stake in the project, in accordance with the value we add. Think of this like a “tip” for our help. This might be something like 5%.

… but mostly we’ll get closer to making our dream of a decentralized city united by a common vibe and sense of values a reality.

And of course that warm fuzzy feeling of making YOU happy.

The MCON ‘22 special (for those coming)

MCON is a Web3 conference in Denver Sept 79, 2022 that much of the Cabin core team will attend.

When academic historians look back, they will say something like, “MCON 2022 represented the fait accompli in the avant-garde milieu of the Squad Wealth property-buying zeitgeist.”

Translation: “MCON’s where it went down.”

MCON is about new forms of collaboration and economies. And co-owning property is a key piece of this.

Specifically, Cabin is looking to support at least 3 “Search Parties” at MCON. And we are adding some urgency and incentives.

Here’s what Cabin is offering to help Search Parties who get started there:

  1. We will match property search costs 1:1, up to $3k.Search costs are all the costs of finding and evaluating property: travel expenses, inspectors, consultants, etc.
  2. We will set up and administer a Search Cost wallet for you. This is where you and your homies can deposit your search costs and we’ll airdrop our side of it.
  3. We will do 1-hour private consultations in Cabin’s room at MCON to talk you through the co-buying process. You bring your squad. We will light the path.

TAKE ACTION: How to get started

  • If your squad wants to get connected with our advisory team and/or do a Search Party wallet, fill out this form.
  • If you are coming to MCON, we will be doing a limited number of private consultations in person. Fill out the form and let us know you are coming.

The Cabin co-buying advisory team



  • Built Neighborhood Zero - a semi-offgrid retreat center in the TX Hill County
  • Started Cabin!

Jon can help you with…

  • Setting up a DAO to own property
  • Container home building



  • Founding team of Culdesac
  • Founded 3 intentional communities with his squads
  • Writes Supernuclear, a newsletter on co-buying property

Phil can help you with….

  • Legal and financial structuring of your project
  • Coming up with a realistic budget and financial model
  • Tips for coliving - how to make it work culturally



Kat can help you with….

  • Analyzing your site given factors like zoning and climate
  • Creating a building program
  • Early concept sketches and plans of what could be built on a piece of land



  • CEO/Founder of Y-Combinator backed off-grid flat packed housing platform Jupe
  • Founder of modular home builder Kasita
  • Environmental Science PhD/ex-Professor
  • Lived off-grid in a dumpster for a year

Jeff can help you with

  • Any and all things modular/pre-fab/3D printed housing
  • ‘Packetizing’ infrastructure
  • Off-grid housing options
  • Getting your community infrastructure from the metaverse into the real world



Charlie can help you with….

  • Building high quality cool shit on the cheap



  • Founder of Foundation - which uses software to help communities and friends buy and own properties together

Lex can help you with…

  • Pooling money from your co-owners using crypto and/or fiat (including creating a bank account if needed)
  • Setting up a legal structure that allows for fractional ownership
  • All the annoying parts of buying a property including making an offer, negotiating, inspections, etc.

Ready to start the process with your squad with help from Cabin? Fill out this form.

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