Join Us for a Magical Coliving Experience at Neighborhood Zero

For the first time, we are opening up Neighborhood Zero for long-term coliving. Come spend some time in the Texas Hill Country on a beautiful 28-acre retreat center with a group of like minded souls, just 45 mins outside of Austin.

Expect campfires, group meals, late-night conversations, and long expansive days to focus on whatever project has captured your imagination (or just your day job!).

We’ll jump into all the details but first, here’s some logistics:

  • Availability: Oct 1, 2022 - Sept 2023
  • Rent: 1250 - 1500 USD per month, with a minimum 2-month commitment (inclusive of utilities, internet, and communal space cleaning)
  • Food: Residents expected to participate in a resident-organized communal food program for 200​​ – 350 USD per month
  • Space: 8 spots available, ranging from bedrooms in the container home to a tiny home (being constructed now by Cabin’s builder-in-residence Charlie Frise)
  • Process: Apply here and we’ll set you up with a 1:1 info session with one of our organizers.

Here’s a bonus: All Neighborhood Zero residents will be given a Cabin Coliving Pass - an on-chain credential giving access to the Cabin network.

Passholders get first dibs on future residencies, retreats, and coliving opportunities in the Cabin network of neighborhoods.

Ready to sign up? Apply for the Neighborhood Zero coliving experience here. After that, we’ll reach out to do a 1:1 information session with you!

About Neighborhood Zero

Neighborhood Zero is the first node in Cabin’s decentralized city. It is Cabin’s home away from home — the place we go back to for retreats, residencies, and build weeks. For the first time, we are opening it up to the wider Cabin network and establishing the first long-term coliving neighborhood in our community.

The property sits on 28 rolling acres in the Texas Hill Country — secluded enough to see every star in the night sky, but still only 45 minutes from downtown Austin.

It’s been built (with love) by the Cabin community. There are three buildings:

  1. The main Container Home with 4 bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom. It features an open concept floor plan, anchored by the fully stocked communal kitchen, dining, and living area.
  2. A secluded 3-bedroom residence with an expansive porch looking over the hills. This home was built by Cabin founder Jon Hillis’ grandparents
  3. An experimental tiny home with external bathhouse (as of this writing, this structure is still being built with plans to add more)

Outdoor amenities include ...

  • A soaking pool
  • An outdoor sauna
  • A pergola and firepits
  • Trails through the junipers
  • A yoga platform

Each bedroom has its own bathroom and desk setup, so residents have a quiet space to recharge after a day of socializing. And let’s not forget the two bovine members of the DAO to befren — Esteereum and Vitalik Mooterin. All in all, residents have 8 bedrooms and plenty of communal space to spread out.

Ready to sign up? Apply for the Neighborhood Zero coliving experience here. After that, we’ll reach out to do a 1:1 information session with you!

About Cabin

Cabin neighborhoods are the atomic units of Cabin’s network city. Each one is independently owned and operated by a caretaker who is also a member of our community. Residents are the lifeblood of the city.

Neighborhood Zero is our first neighborhood and prototype. From our founding story, to our Discord community, and to the residencies that put us on the web3 map, the Cabin community is all about using IRL to drive URL. With this coliving experience, we’re bringing our lessons from running short term experiences like build weeks, residencies, and retreats into a more robust social commitment.

We’re giving our online community a way to colive in high-bandwidth reality — proof of concept for our motto. And we’re beginning with Neighborhood Zero because that’s where it all started for us.

Ready to sign up? Apply for the Neighborhood Zero coliving experience here. After that, we’ll reach out to do a 1:1 information session with you!

Become a Cabin coliving pioneer: Apply to live at Neighborhood Zero today

If you’re ready to become one of the first card-carrying citizens of Cabin’s decentralized city, apply for the Cabin Coliving Pass to live at Neighborhood Zero.

Curious but hesitant? We have information sessions happening all throughout August. Join our interest list to get notified.

Can’t do a long term commitment just yet? We do a handful of 1-2 week programs at exciting locations each season. Get on our newsletter to get notified of the next one!

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