Announcement: Book a Retreat at Cabin (Spring ‘22 & Summer ‘22)

We are excited to announce that we have opened spots for DAOs and web3 organizations to book our Austin location (and get on the waitlist for future nodes neighborhoods).

Curious and excited to jump on the Cabin vibe train? Read on.

Already sold and ready to book Neighborhood 0? Fill out the form here. (Takes less than 10 minutes.)

At Cabin, we believe that web3 organizations should regularly gather IRL to create and collaborate.

Cabin's City Council —  our core contributor team — meets for retreats every season. The first time we met, we knocked out an entire strategic vision for the DAO — something that would have taken months on Discord. The second time we met, we budgeted and planned for an entire season of the DAO, talked about our city expansion strategy, and present and future tokenomics. On the same token (pun intended), our community holds regular Build Weeks to develop the property and get high-fidelity face time and strengthen bonds with their fellow community members. 

DAOs and web3 orgs come to the Cabin to...

  • Host strategic retreats with core contributors
  • Buckle down and get undistracted work done in the quiet of the Texas Hill Country
  • Search for the fabled buried NFT treasure chest...

Our Neighborhood Zero outside Austin Texas is designed to be the place for communities and web3 organizations to bridge the URL with the IRL. 

We sold out all of our retreats last season. Since then, we've had requests from several groups in the DAO and web3 ecosystems to book retreats.

Good news: We have opened up a few slots for DAOs and other web3 organizations to book out Spring and Summer ‘22. 🙌

All the details: location, availability, capacity, etc.

  • Location: The Container a.k.a. Neighborhood Zero is 45 minutes from Austin Airport near the town of Dripping Springs.
  • Amenities (For a full list, check out our website):
    • High-speed internet
    • Ensuite bathroom and showers in each of the 4 private suites in The Container
    • Towels, linens, blankets, pillows
    • Soap, shampoo, toilet paper
    • Washer & dryer 
  • Capacity: We have space for 4 people in our main cabin, along with the option to add an additional 3. We can host a handful more in tents!
  • Timing: We are accepting pre-bookings for May ‘22 through September ‘22.
  • Length: We currently are equipped to host 4-7 day events.
  • Price: 1.25 ETH for the week. We are also willing to accept a portion of this in your native token so we can forever tie our DAO to yours. Chat with us to see if that's an option.
  • Food: 
    • We have a fully furnished communal kitchen designed for group cooking. 
      • Furnished dishes, utensils, pots & pans, baking equipment
      • It’s stocked with the basics like flour, oil, salt & pepper, and coffee. Lots of coffee. 
    • For more ambitious meals, there’s a gigantic supermarket 15 minutes away. 
    • There's also BBQ and other Texas delights nearby.
  • Content: We can help organize some programming .. including facilitation and speakers/experts from the Web3 ecosystem. Here’s a sample schedule for one of our in-house DAO operator residencies.

Interested? Fill out our short form

We currently have openings for Spring ‘22 and Summer ‘22. Fill out the form here.

Once you apply, we’ll reach out to hash out the details. We hope to see you at the Cabins soon!

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