#13: Culdesac & Co-Living: Human Behavior & Neighborhood Design with Phil Levin

Welcome back to Campfire! In this season, we’ll be talking with thought leaders and executors on what it means to have a successful city and how to build one.

To start things off, we’re sitting down with Cabin’s own Phil Levin. First, you’ll hear about the issue at hand: Americans want to live in walkable cities, but less than 8% of them do. This leads into Phil’s discussion about Culdesac, a startup he co-founded building its first car-free community in Tempe, Arizona. Him and Jackson talk about the demand for such a neighborhood and the difficulties Culdesac has had to overcome to start building. Finally, both Phil and Jackson talk about their personal experiences with co-living and what makes a co-living experience top-notch.

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Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Phil — (1:20)

  • Why Humans Should Build New Cities — (3:05)

  • The Relationship Between Transportation and Cities — (4:47)

  • The Impact of Designing Cities Around Cars — (7:30)

  • The Desire for Walkable Neighborhoods — (8:55)

  • Introduction to Culdesac — (10:00)

  • Challenges for Culdesac — (12:00)

  • Minimum Viable Community Size — (14:17)

  • Demand for Culdesac — (14:49)

  • Deciding on Culdesac’s First Location — (15:50)

  • Navigating Regulation — (17:23)

  • Financing — (19:51)

  • Culdesac’s Team — (21:18)

  • Behavioral Economics — (23:52)

  • How Phil Would Design a Living Environment — (25:02)

  • Strategies for Co-Living — (29:03)

  • Going Beyond The Co-Living Narratives — (33:12)

  • Jackson’s Co-Living Experiences — (34:46)

  • Phil’s Role at Cabin — (37:53)

  • Metrics for Success During Cabin’s Seasons — (41:58)

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Episode Credit:

Hosted by @JacksonSteger

Sound Engineering by @Prodcolin

Videos and Clips by @McdonnellCallum 

Produced by @PhilippeIze

Distribution by @Alisonclaire and @PhilippeIze

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