Vote for Neighborhood Zero's July 2023 Creator-in-Residence

Welcome back to our monthly tradition of voting for a Creator to get a free stay at Neighborhood Zero. There are two contenders for the July Creator-in-Residency. Vote for them here (You will be directed to a third party app called Snapshot, which is where Cabin makes all of our voting decisions) Voting ends at 2 AM PST on May 7th.

Apps for the August Creator-in-Residence are due June 1st. Tell us about a creative project you want to work on for a month on 28 acres of rolling hills at a cabin in the Texas Hill Country. It can be whatever passion project you’d like. To apply, you can upload a video to Instagram or write a thread on Twitter (just like our July applicants did below). Make sure to tag us so that we see it!

The applicants

@melior24 applied on Twitter

@beats_kiwi applied on Twitter

See past winners:

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