#4 DAO Masters: Funding, Tooling, and DEI | Julia Lipton

This week, Julia Lipton (@JuliaLipton) joins our host Jackson Steger to talk about Awesome People Ventures, and how her quest to share the upside from those investments led her down the path that eventually formed DAO Masters, which is focused on investigating DAO tooling and sharing their findings.

Julia and Jackson discuss the legal ambiguity surrounding tokens, the obstacles facing DAOs today, inflationary governance tokens, and instilling a sense of ownership within a community. Shadman Uddin from Cabin then joins the pod to talk about challenges around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in web3, and what we can do to solve them.

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Topics Covered:

  • What is Awesome People Ventures? — (02:06)

  • Awesome People Ventures switching from web2 to web3 — (03:55)

  • An Awesome People token? — (05:15)

  • Legal considerations in token distribution — (05:50)

  • The Biden administration’s stance on digital assets — (06:20)

  • The viral Tweet that birthed DAO Masters — (08:20)

  • Structuring a crowdfund for success — (11:55)

  • Building communities without a financial focus: maintaining a mission and enthusiasm — (13:35)

  • The inflationary governance token model — (14:45)

  • The “no price talk” rule! — (16:10)

  • Priorities for DAO Masters — (17:58)

  • Enabling the community to have a feeling of ownership — (20:15)

  • Expectations for case studies from DAO Masters — (22:15)

  • Challenges around diversity, equity and inclusion — (24:30)

  • Coaching founders to prepare to bring people in from different backgrounds — (25:45)

  • Focusing on current members vs. more members — (26:50)

  • Sending a token to people before they contribute — (28:00)

  • Benefits of prioritizing inclusion — (29:05)

  • More DAOs vs more DAO tools — (30:45)

  • DAO’s advantages in solving/creating value more broadly — (33:06)

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Julia Lipton, Founder of DAO Masters— @JuliaLipton

Episode Credit:

Hosted by @JacksonSteger

Sound Engineering by @prodcolin

Produced by @PhilippeIze

Distribution by @alisonclaire and @cbxm

Campfire is a limited series podcast translating the jargon of DAOs into plain English to help listeners understand how Decentralized Autonomous Organizations achieve wildly ambitious and creative goals. Each week, host Jackson Steger is joined by different DAO leaders and operators to help explain the tactics, traditions, and goals of the different online communities.

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