Growing the Writer's Guild: Cabin Core Contributor Roxine Kee

I first met Roxine after she tweeted that she could help writers break into web3.

I shot her a DM on Twitter and we soon connected in the CabinDAO Discord channel where she taught me about the Writer’s Guild procedures and gave me my first few bounties.  Although we were now working together, I knew next to nothing about her.

This relative anonymity is common in web3, hence why we’re writing these profiles of core contributors.  While it’s fun chatting with an anon account with an ape profile picture, it’s much more meaningful to talk and work with someone you know on a more personal level.

As a writer, it’s always nice to talk to another one.  So that’s where we started.

Roxine told me she had been writing online for seven years and worked as a web2 content writer and manager. Then, she entered Write of Passage, a cohort-based course led by David Perrell. It was through Write of Passage that she stumbled upon Cabin members Zakk and Jon.

Roxine was on vacation off grid in the Yukon, about 800 km south of the Arctic Circle, when Jon encouraged her to apply for the 3rd cohort of Cabin residencies. She quickly banged out an application and a week later was accepted into the program.

Prior to living at the cabins, she knew that crypto and NFTs existed, but thought they were irrelevant to her goals as a writer.  Within one month of crypto-immersion, she began talks with the team about taking on a bigger role at CabinDAO.  She was crypto-pilled.

Roxine wrote a role proposal for a position she called “consigliere,” a Godfather reference. Like in the movie, Cabin’s consigliere is the right-hand to the leader, but has no ambition of being in the #1 spot.  As her role proposal puts it, “the consigliere is an ‘advisor’ or ‘counsellor’ to the Mafia boss and gets dirty when and where needed.”

Since carving out her CabinDAO role, Roxine has been working hard behind the scenes making the Writer’s Guild a success.

She primarily focuses on monitoring and updating the ever-changing bounty board, connecting writers with designers and editors, and creating a style guide and handbook.  While she enjoys writing, editing, and giving feedback, she aims to spend most of her time on high-leverage activities like the style guide that will make an impact on Cabin members for years to come.

In the future, Roxine hopes the guilds within CabinDAO will operate as decentralized mini-DAOs themselves, having their own bounty processes and ways of governance.  As for the Writer’s Guild specifically, she wants each project to have its own group in which the writer acts as a project manager and coordinates with designers and editors.

Outside of CabinDAO, Roxine has been working on one of the most ambitious projects of her life.  In this Twitter thread, you can follow along as she writes every weekday about lessons she’s learned from web3, the creator economy, and much more.  So far, she’s written articles ranging from the pre-history of DAOs to creative lessons from the rapper Logic.

Outside of writing and contributing to CabinDAO, Roxine is a competitive ultimate frisbee player; in fact, she almost tried out for Toronto’s team before lockdowns went into effect in 2020.  Her frisbee friends might not know what a DAO is and her father regularly sends her articles about crypto scams, but that doesn’t stop Roxine from making an impact at CabinDAO.

If you’re looking to write about web3 and get involved with Cabin, send Roxine a direct message on Twitter!  There are tons of writing opportunities and ways to earn .

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