#6 Invisible College: Educating the web3 leaders of tomorrow | Rockwell Shah and Nick deWilde
Philippe I.
Jackson Steger
Alison Burgess
April 20th, 2022

On this episode of Campfire, Jackson speaks with Rockwell (@RockwellShah) and Nick (@Nick_deWilde) from Invisible College, a community looking to provide people the skills necessary to effectively navigate and take advantage of the web3 world.

Grab your favorite warm beverage because here we’ll be talking about how access to content is not the issue plaguing education today, how NFTs are allowing people to define themselves outside of their careers, and the various lessons Invisible College is imparting upon its students.

Topics Covered:

  • Invisible College’s mission — (01:15)
  • How NFT profile picture collections enable community cohesion and Invisible College’s NFT strategy — (09:35)
  • Invisible College’s Decentralien NFT utility — (14:20)
  • Invisible College’s lessons and professors — (17:00)
  • Is a physical campus on the horizon? — (20:15)
  • How Invisible College plans to innovate off of traditional residential colleges — (22:30)
  • How Invisible College can support projects like Starship — (26:00)
  • The educational content delivery channels of the future — (28:50)
  • Goals and measures of success — (32:20)
  • Scholarships and content access beyond the Decentraliens — (38:10)

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