#15 Zach.Dev: The Many Flavors of Startup Cities
Philippe I.
Jackson Steger
Alison Burgess
August 13th, 2022

Software engineer Zach Caceres writes the newsletter Startup Cities where he talks about startup cities: physical neighborhoods built by corporations. On this episode of Campfire, Zach and Jackson chat about the difference between startup and charter cities, the problem with grandiose city planning, the struggles with zoning rules, the social side of future cities, product vs. platform cities, and the tools needed for city operations.

Topics Covered: 

  • Introduction to Zach and Startup Cities — (00:31)
  • Social Technology — (1:59)
  • Key Terms and Definitions — (2:35)
  • Startup Cities Institute — (8:37)
  • What Zach Would Do with Access to Infinite Cash — (12:55)
  • Struggles with Zoning Regulations — (17:24)
  • Metrics for Success in Startup Cities — (22:57)
  • The Network State — (29:00)
  • Product Cities vs. Platform Cities — (30:49)
  • Scaling Platforms and Products — (34:05)
  • DAOs and Landbanks — (36:49)
  • The City Tech Stack — (44:23)
  • Sad History and Excitement in the City Building Space — (49:22)


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Episode Credit:

Hosted by @JacksonSteger

Sound Engineering by @Prodcolin

Videos and Clips by @McdonnellCallum 

Produced by @PhilippeIze

Distribution by  @Alisonclaire and  @PhilippeIze

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