#19 Catawba Digital Economic Zone: Disrupting Delaware with Joseph McKinney
Philippe I.
Jackson Steger
Alison Burgess
September 8th, 2022

Catawba Digital Economic Zone (CatawbaDEZ) has come out of the Catawba Nation to revolutionize the way people incorporate their financial technology and web3 ventures. Jackson and CEO Joseph McKinney sat down to discuss what the Catawba Nation is, what a DEZ is, the benefits of working with CatawbaDEZ, and how this DEZ came to be. As CatawbaDEZ has just opened up registration, this episode serves as an overview of the new “Governance as a Service” provider!


Topics Covered: 

  • Introduction to the Catawba — (2:00)

  • Why a Digital Economic Zone — (4:55)

  • How Delaware Built its Reputation — (7:15)

  • Catawba’s Nimble Regulatory Body — (9:25)

  • Catawba’s Digital Asset Law — (9:55)

  • Advantages of using Catawba for DAOs– (13:33)

  • The Relationship Between CatawbaDEZ and the People — (18:09)

  • Catawba’s Stablecoin Regulation — (24:22)

  • Growing the Catawba Team – (25:50)

  • The Vision for CatawbaDEZ — (27:15)

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Episode Links: 

CatawbaDEZ on Twitter 

Joseph on LinkedIn 

CatawbaDEZ’s Website 



Episode Credit:

Hosted by @JacksonSteger

Sound Engineering by @Prodcolin

Videos and Clips by @McdonnellCallum 

Produced by @PhilippeIze

Distribution by @Alisonclaire and @PhilippeIze

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