This longhorn is an NFT

At Creator Cabins, we like to think about the intersection of crypto and physical property. In order to contribute to that conversation, we're selling a Texas Longhorn on-chain 🤠

Yes, a real live cow (well, technically a steer). His name is DH-Esteereum. You can own 1/4th of him by purchasing an NFT edition below:

Each 1/4 stake can be converted into...steaks. More precisely, ~35-38 pounds of lean grass-fed/free-range longhorn beef, in the form of steaks, roasts, and hamburger meat. Available for pickup at Creator Cabins outside of Austin, TX any time in the next year. Local purchasers only, processing included!

I suppose someone with a soft heart could buy a majority stake in D-H Esteereum and choose to spare his life. If there's no majority consensus on what to do with the cow, you'll have to start the world's smallest DAO and figure it out 🤷

In addition to your share of the cow, you get to keep the NFT edition as a memento to commemorate your purchase of the first-ever (??) ownership of a living creature minted on-chain.

Proceeds go to doublehelixranch.eth, our friendly neighborhood longhorn ranchers in the Texas Hill Country. Thanks to Nat Eliason for the tweet that turned this from a joke into reality:

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