Apply for the CabinDAO Creator Residency Program

Is there a project sitting in the back of your mind, waiting for the time and space to become a reality? If you had a month to work on it surrounded by beautiful nature, creative collaborators, and blazing fast wifi, what could you accomplish?

Three weeks ago, sitting around the campfire at Creator Cabins, we dreamed up a residency program to help people answer these questions. Since we first shared our proposal, we’ve raised over 16 ETH from 96 people, launched CabinDAO, and funded 12 month-long residencies for creators. We have an active discord server of new online friends and have already turned some of those connections into IRL friends.

Now we’re ready to start accepting applicants for the first cohort of the CabinDAO residency program!

The first cohort will run from July 19th to August 15th. We will accept proposals from June 17th to June 23rd and will open voting for $CABIN holders on June 23rd. Voting for proposals will close on June 28th at which time the four proposals with the most votes will be selected to participate in the first cohort.

Submitting a Proposal

Submitting a proposal couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is write and share a thread on Twitter and tag @creatorcabins in the first tweet. We’ll gather these threads and coordinate a vote among our members to determine the four creators to be selected in the first cohort.

Here's a sample proposal:

What to Include in Your Proposal

Use this as an opportunity to be creative. It would be good to introduce yourself to the community and share some of your past work. We would also love to see some rough, initial thoughts on how you would like to spend the time in Texas. You don’t need to provide a fully fleshed out plan. Just the kernel of a promising idea that’s been bouncing around your head.

A good proposal will include:

  • An introduction to who you are and what you do
  • Some past work samples
  • An idea for how you’d like to spend your time while at the cabins

While I can’t speak for the rest of the community, I can say that my own personal votes will go to creative proposals with wild ideas. 🙃

Here is a second sample proposal:

Proposal Period

The time to submit a proposal will run from June 17th (now!) to June 23rd at 12:00pm PT. All threads posted during that period will be considered for a vote. Proposals submitted after the deadline will be considered for the second cohort.

The Cohort

If your proposal is accepted, you’ll gain access to the first 4-person cohort of creators. You’ll receive a free 1-month stay at Creator Cabins in the Hill Country of Texas outside Austin (valued at $2,800). You will have your own private bedroom, bathroom, and work space in the Residency Cabin, with access to a communal workspace, living room, dining room, and kitchen. The cabins also have a fire pit, pool, and 28 acres to roam around on.

A Camp Counselor will be there to coordinate the logistics of your stay, including getting to the cabins from the airport, group outings, and grocery runs.

Most importantly, you’ll have one month of uninterrupted time to bring a project into the world.


The proposal period will end on June 23rd. We will take some time to turn proposals into a vote on Snapshot and have the community vote. $CABIN holders will have until June 28th to vote on proposals.

It’s not too late to become a $CABIN holder! All you have to do is contribute some ETH and join the Discord server.

We will provide further instructions to $CABIN holders on how to place your votes before voting starts. We will also hold a live voting and proposal review session in the CabinDAO discord server.


What skills are we looking for?

Creativity, collaboration, dedication, and diversity. We love the idea of bringing people from wildly different backgrounds together and seeing what happens. What will the conversation be like around the firepit? How will people end up collaborating and supporting each other?

How do I know I should apply?

The little voice inside of you telling you your idea is great and you can do it. Believe that voice. Channel it into a Twitter thread for a chance to spend a month working on that project you’ve been itching to build.

What’s included?

The residency program includes the following:

  • A free, 1-month stay at Creator Cabins (valued at $2,800) with your own private bedroom, bathroom, and work space
  • A 0.25 ETH stipend for food and other essentials
  • Access to a Camp Counselor to coordinate logistics of your trip
  • One month of uninterrupted time to create with a community of collaborators to support you

Can I work on other work (e.g. remote work) while I’m there?

The goal of this residency program is to unlock the time and space to work on projects you wouldn’t otherwise be able to focus on. We want to support people who will be spending most of their time focused on these projects. While we understand that people may have other commitments, if you aren’t able to dedicate a month to independent creative work, this program is probably not the right fit. We trust the members of this community to use their best judgement based on the goal of this program.

When will I know if I was selected?

Voting will close on June 28th, at which point we will reach out on Twitter via DM to make sure you can accept the residency. We will announce the four winners later in the day on June 28th.

Is this just for US citizens?

No, this is open to anyone who can travel to the US and will be vaccinated at the start of the program

Who is eligible for a residency?

Anyone creating independently and sharing their work online. We take a broad view of the term “creator”: digital artists, musicians, landscape sculptors, video producers, indie hackers, home builders, painters, photographers, podcasters, open-source developers, map makers, online course builders. If you’re building something that you hope to share back with the world, then you probably fit the bill. We expect projects that help push the boundaries of web3 and/or contribute to the ongoing sustainability of the DAO will be more likely to win, but that will be up to $CABIN holders to decide.

Do I have to submit on Twitter?

We would prefer applications to be submitted through Twitter so that the broader community can provide feedback. If you don't have Twitter or are not comfortable submitting your proposal there, you may send the DAO your proposal by email (

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