#3 Seed Club: Cultivating Community Growth | Jess Sloss + Nicole d’Avis
Philippe I.
Jackson Steger
Alison Burgess
March 31st, 2022

On this episode of Campfire, Jackson speaks with Jess and Nicole of Seed Club. A DAO that’s investing in high-potential Web3 communities. 

Sit down and get cozy because in this episode we’re talking about DAO value ideation, how Seed Club utilizes DAO tools, the token exchange model that Seed Club uses for generative partnerships, sectors ready for web3 disruption, finding community market fit, collective ownership models, and much, much more.

Topics Covered:

  • What Seed Club is (Jess) (2:45)
  • Jess and Nicole’s Roles in Seed Club (4:55)
  • Leadership without traditional managerial structures (7:00)
  • Seed Club accelerator programming (9:30)
  • Tokenomics and token system building (12:50)
  • Why we need more DAOs (19:15)
  • Network effects come first then the product (23:10)
  • Seedclub’s token exchange model (24:17)
  • Priming in regards to the selection process (27:30)
  • The selection process for Seed Club (31:05)
  • Seed Club values ideation process (34:20)
  • The reason so many DAOs continue to use Discord (36:45)
  • List of sectors that Jess + Nicole see opportunity in (40:05)
  • Music (40:28)
  • Climate (40:53)
  • Political and social change (41:36)
  • Entertainment and media (43:12)

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Episode Links:

Jess and Nicole on Twitter

Episode Credit

Hosted by @JacksonSteger

Sound Engineering by @prodcolin

Produced by @PhilippeIze

Distribution by @alisonclaire and @ethanwnel

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