Announcing Cabin's Community Referral Program

A new, reliable way to earn the ₡ABIN token while building a member-owned coliving network

For the first time in Cabin’s history, we have a simple & straightforward way to earn the ₡ABIN token with no natural limit on how much you can earn.

Know a friend who loves to build, colive, create, host events or garden? Familiar with a beautiful property in nature that has good wifi? Connected to someone who would be a great guest on Campfire?

If you introduce us to vibe-aligned residents, neighborhoods, or city-building podcast guests, and they’re good fits for our coliving network, you’ll be rewarded with ₡ABIN, which is how we govern our network city.

Here is how it works:

1. Refer residents

Cabin residents overlooking a sunset in the Sierra mountains
Cabin residents overlooking a sunset in the Sierra mountains

What counts as a resident? A resident is someone who lives at a Cabin neighborhoods for at least a month. Cabin currently has five types of residents.

  1. Builders-in-Residence: Makers of physical things that improve the built environment of neighborhoods. BIRs lead Build Weeks and advance infrastructure development at Cabin neighborhoods.

  2. Creators-in-Residence: Producers of art, music, novelty, visual content, and any experiments that grow new possibilities. CIRs can work on any passion project of their choosing - the biggest challenge is being selected by the community.

  3. Naturalists-in-Residence: Growers of plants, animals, and human systems that support the natural environment. NIRs lead Grow Weeks and build regenerative local systems at neighborhoods.

  4. Gatherers-in-Residence: The people on-site building the container and the culture at a neighborhood or virtual space.

  5. Paying residents: These are nomads and remote workers living across the Cabin neighborhood network. They pay month-to-month coliving leases.

How to refer a resident:

  1. Copy paste this link, but change the "XXXXX" at the end of the URL to your name:

For example, if your name is “Santa Claus” and you want to refer an elf to our coliving neighborhood in the North Pole, you would use the link:

  1. Tell your friends, followers, or colleagues to apply to Cabin at the link with your modified URL.

If we can’t find evidence that you referred somebody before they move in, then we won’t be able to reward you 😕

Reward for successfully referring a resident: 15 ₡ABIN

When rewards will be disbursed: Rewards will be disbursed once the resident that you refer moves into one of Cabin’s neighborhoods.

2. Refer neighborhoods

Neighborhood Zero in Texas Hill Country
Neighborhood Zero in Texas Hill Country

What counts as a neighborhood? Cabin eventually imagines hundreds or thousands of neighborhoods in our network city. Our goal right now is to bring on 1-3 excellent neighborhoods over the next 18 months. In this early stage, we are most interested in beautiful properties that:

  • Have 8+ beds.

  • Have access to nature out the front door.

  • Are stewarded by amazing property owners/caretakers (People who are great at hosting)

  • Have high-speed internet and other solid infrastructure.

That being said, you should still refer neighborhoods that don’t perfectly fit these criteria. We’re just being upfront about what is most likely to be added to the network the fastest. At this critical early stage, we need to be highly selective.

How to refer a neighborhood:

  1. Fill out the Prospective New Neighborhood form and outline your relationship to the neighborhood.

  2. Connect with Jon Dean in Discord or on Twitter so that you can help make a warm introduction to that neighborhood.

Reward for successfully referring a neighborhood: 75 ₡ABIN

When rewards will be disbursed: If you refer a neighborhood, you will only receive ₡ABIN if the neighborhood formally joins the Cabin network (as voted on by the community).

Why would a neighborhood want to join Cabin? This is a question you may be asked by your friends who own property. Here are a few reasons:

  • Rent revenue: Cabin has tens of thousands of people following our journey - many of whom could be rent-paying residents for your property.

  • Curated residents: Expand your community - We’ve built a reliable process for screening residents so that you know you’re getting folks who are vetted and vibe-aligned.

  • Build weeks: Cabin members may choose to host a build week at your property to build things like saunas, pergolas, or a deck.

  • Wanderlust: As we grow, we anticipate increasing the number of people in our community who are capable stewards/caretakers. If you’re a property owner and you want the property in good hands while you travel, Cabin might be the right solution for you while you’re on the road.

  • Matching funds: In 2023, we will roll out our SEARCH FOR NEIGHBORHOOD ONE program which will include grants from Cabin for property owners to develop their neighborhoods.

  • Skilled residents: If you would like, you can offer bed spaces in your neighborhood to Cabin members for free as part of a work-exchange program where residents provide a service to improve/operate your property. Past examples of this include Builders-in-Residence, Naturalists-in-Residence, and Gatherers-in-Residence.

3. Refer podcast guests

Campfire is in the middle of its second season
Campfire is in the middle of its second season

Wait, Cabin has a podcast? Yes! Campfire is a show about tactics for building new cities. You can find it on Apple, Spotify, or wherever else you get your shows.

How to refer a guest: Message Jackson on Twitter @jacksonsteger or DM on discord to propose a certain guest that you think would be a good fit and that you think you could convince to come on the show. If that person is a good fit for the show’s editorial framework (currently we are focused on tactics for citybuilding), then you can proceed making a warm intro or otherwise introducing the guest to the host.

Reward for successfully referring a guest: 5 ₡ABIN

When rewards will be disbursed: Rewards will be disbursed once the episode with your guest is released. Just because you suggest a guest does not guarantee a reward - the guest must be a good fit and actually want to record an episode.

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